Thursday, 31 May 2007

This is not another post about Doug Burns.

Heard enough about Doug Burns yet? Sick of the story? Don't want one more blog post about it? Well OK, but let me just say YAY that it's over! YAY to Doug for being so wonderful through it all and being such a great example. YAY for Micah Jacobs, his lawyer, who took the case on pro-bono and helped see this to the end. YAY for Amy, Bernard, and all you bloggers who got involved by spreading the news and making phone calls.

I hadn't realised how involved I was with this story until today when I read it was all over. If I'm feeling this relieved, I wonder how Doug, & others more involved, are feeling!

But anyway, as I said, I wont talk about Doug, as I see in my list of recently updated blogs that just about everyone else has talked about him & his drama today.

So, urrr... I did some gardening today, and it's lovely weather... sorta... well, for this time of year. Gosh, is that the time?

Have a great day, everyone - especially he-who-I'm-not-actually-blogging-about. :)


Carey said...

Hey. You're a Neil Gaiman fan? I have many Sandmans in a box somewhere. I was a big fan back in the day.

..M.. said...

I am! I haven't seen the Sandman stuff - I discovered Neil quite late in his career when I read Good Omens a few years ago. I've since read a few of his books and crave more.

Funny how I go through months in a row of having nothing decent to read, then times like this when I have a pile of about 12 to catch up on! I have bunch of Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, and Robert Rankin who I've only just discovered and suspect I'll be totally addicted to until I finish them all. Also Maurice Gee who I bet you've never heard of... He's pretty big in NZ, and I'm re-reading the stuff I loved in my early teen years :)

I notice you're a fan of Crowded House (And Neil Finn) - Go kiwis!!