Tuesday, 22 May 2007

What I'd like to be if I ever grow up...

If I should ever grow up, I'd like to do it in style. I'm talking about old age here, and if I should be lucky enough to drag my diabetic body into the later decades, I shall make them the best years of my life!

We had a late mothers day lunch last week - myself, my mother, two Aunts and an Uncle, my Nana and my son. Cool to have four generations in the same room! We got to talking about The Zimmers cover of 'My Generation' and their success at waking the world up a little about the treatment of older people. Here we have a bunch of older people who are proving that age doesn't have to slow us down! I'm impressed.

Nana, who is in her eighties, nodded in wild agreement when someone mentioned the treatment of old people - it seems a lot of people look down on you once you're older. How did that happen? An older person has more experience in life, has a lot to give the world, and we treat them like dense children half the time. Not on!

I've probably been guilty of it myself sometimes. Never with my Nana though - in my eyes she's just Nana and has no age. I suppose knowing someone helps, at least in my case, though if I saw someone her age and didn't know them I may make completely the wrong first impressions. How unfair!

Check out The Zimmers website and see if you want to follow in their footsteps with me - if I keep practising my guitar playing I should know how to play a few chords by the time I'm 80... Let's Party!

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