Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Good news comes in threes too?

I'm making three posts in one sitting here this morning.
I often wake up at 3am... it's when my bladder hates me the most.
I have three computers - does it matter that one is a 20 year old Amiga? It works!
I have three siblings...
I had 9 grams of carb for breakfast this morning. (well, it's 3x3, that counts, doesn't it?)
Ok so my list of threes isn't as impressive as I thought, but the other day I had good news in threes - and that was a nice change after a couple of weeks of hurt cats and other bad news. Which reminds me, I never did mention did I? Sparky is OK! He has a broken back and has to be very careful, but he's cheerful, cuddly and everything else is working fine. I'm SO relieved!

Good News Number ONE:
Got a letter from Accu-Chek, they're sending me a new blood-sugar meter. FREE!
It's the Accu-Chek Performa - which I'd link to, if I could find any information about it, but... I can't :D
It has a 5 second countdown - amazing, as I'm waiting 20 - 30 seconds now with my accu-chek advantage.
It can work in a bigger range of temperatures - no more keeping my meter in my dressing gown/jacket pocket in winter!
It needs less blood - YAY no more double-pricking to get enough blood!
And finally, it comes with the multi-clix which I'm excited about (Oh yah, a new tool to prick my finger excites me? Really? What's wrong with me?!). I've heard the multi-clix is a little gentler on the skin, something to do with the lancets being compacted up there and having less room to wobble, thus less pain if it's going directly down & up again. We'll see, I'll have mine in a week or two. Yippeeeee!

Good News Number TWO:
My bestest bud in the whole wide world (am I too old to say that? Never!) found a house! Friend & boyfriend have been looking for months and they sound really happy with what they've found. It's COOL! At least, it looks it from the pictures. I look forward to seeing it - which will probably happen on moving day, if I can borrow wheels for the day :D

Good News Number THREE:
My friends got engaged! I think they're planning the wedding for later this year. Congrats darlinks!

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