Friday, 25 May 2007

Just showing off... bear with me

You know how some days just suck? Sometimes there are these weird BG highs you just can't get rid of, and yet you've done everything right? Some days it feels like someone is playing with you, pressing all the wrong buttons, making everything go stupid and nothing will make any sense, the BG wont settle down and you probably feel like total shit...

Well today IS NOT one of those days! Finally I have the super-dooper day to balance out all those pain-in-the-arse days!

About bloomin' time I say!!

Check it out! (with huge thanks to Kevin for the FANTASTIC excel stuff!)

NO highs.
NO lows.
Most tests in the 4s.


If only I could tell my body to keep this up forever!

Sorry... had to share... I'm in shock. ;-)


Simon said...

m green with envy and very, very pleased for you!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow! That is AWESOME! Way to go!

..M.. said...

Thanks! Pure fluke though, bet I wont see a day like that again for a long time!

I've neglected to amend this post to add the fact that I shot up to 14 later that night after having a horrible junk food dinner.

[hangs head in shame]

You all saw that coming didn't you?! Had to happen, there was no way I could've kept a run like that going. Still, I'm impressed with it - it may have been short lived, but it was damned nice!

Minnesota Nice said...

That is not showing off. That is simply savoring a good day.
May you have many more to come.

Kevin said...

I've had a few stunning days as well and have thought about bragging about them myself.

If only I could figure out what it was that was working so damn well and keep that going!

Kevin said...

I'm completely embarrassed.
I'm a full month late on this post.
Sincere apologies...