Sunday, 31 August 2008

The spring buzz

The sun is out... the air is warm... the garden is going mad!
It's the last day of winter. Bring on Spring!

Spring bulbs... gorgeous :)

Baby broccoli.
Baby Spaghetti Squash. I didn't even know we could get them in New Zealand until I found the seeds.
Veggie garden number one is growing strong. Number two is still mostly bare dirt.

The spring buzz gets me big time. I love the long days, the sunshine on my skin, and the beautiful plants in the garden.

Not to mention losing my extra few kilos of winter weight, getting out for walks on the beach, and being surrounded by other people with the spring buzz! This is a fannnnntastic time of year :)

It's all gone wonky!

It's late evening, I'm checking my blood sugar knowing it's a little high... only to find it's a LOT high, 15.2mmol (270). I just don't see numbers like this any more *gasp*.

It's the middle of the night. I'm feeling ok but a little hungry and desperate for the loo. I always test if I wake up during the night - just as well: 1.4mmol (25)! Yikes. I just don't see numbers that low.. ever! Argh!

It's morning. I'm stuffed, that low really broke my sleep and took away all my energy for today. I suspect I'll be a little high, probably overdid the munchies to correct that low. Testing... Argh! not THAT high, surely! *scream*

It's mid afternoon. Knowing I'm still just a little high I decide to mow lawns to work some of it off. I'm feeling a little odd. Better pop inside and test the blood sugar while I have a little break. Holy crap, not THAT low... 1.8... ok, that's my day totally pooped. This roller coaster stuff really takes it out of me *sigh*

My numbers are normally pretty good. I aim to stay between 4 and 7 most of the day - naturally it fluctuates (I mean, duh, this is diabetes...) but I do quite well. I only manage diabetes so well because I test lots and because I am motivated to work with the results. It's the only way for me to feel I have control enough to live a normal life. It works - I've never once conked out, never had any real diabetes related trouble of any kind.

But now.. ouch. Today's lows were scary. The scariest part being that I was still acting and feeling pretty normal. But I was so worn out from it that I slept most of the afternoon and had to cancel my plans.

What's happened? ME, that's what. I've been testing less, I've been eating more crap, I've been guessing my doses and my numbers. In a nutshell: avoiding diabetes.

I do believe I've been taught an important lesson here! Back to testing lots, that's what works for me. I never intended to slip out of it, it just faded slowly, but trust me there'll be nothing slow about getting my control back!

*kicks own butt*

Friday, 29 August 2008

So, how DO you confuse an idiot?

I apologise in advance for any confusion!!
But I just *had* to post it!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

You DORK!!

Just the other day I was talking about taking insulin for granted.
Even then, while I was raving about the wonders of my life-juice and nattering about how we shouldn't take it for granted... I was being a total dork and taking it for granted.

Last week I got a new script. I took my time with it, but finally took it to the chemist on Monday, and told him I'd come back to pick it up on Wednesday. I always have to give him a day or two warning because he never has my stuff in stock (that's another story!).

So Tuesday night rolls around and I feel like supper. I reach for my insulin... 0 units left. Not even one, not even half - zero units left.

How's that for cutting it fine? No supper for me (I'd just BAKED for gawd's sake). NO breakfast this morning until I'd gone all sleepy-eyed down to the chemist either. I don't think I've ever shown my face at the shops in such a mess before - my hair was grotty, my clothes were thrown together, my eyes were barely open... but I stood there with my hand out begging for my Novorapid and then slunk out pretty quick to go home and have a piece of toast.

I do count myself lucky that I had just the right amount for dinner last night and that I managed the night without needing a correction. But man oh man am I kicking myself for not getting my prescription earlier! I *always* have spares in the fridge. I *always* get my prescription well before I need it - now it seems Insulin and I have reached that point in our relationship where we take each other for granted. Doh.

I shall now return to my old ways of keeping one step ahead and treating my insulin as the liquid gold that it is!

Mental note: take your own advice, dork. DUH.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Revenge of the Killer Carbs... they're out to get you!

I think it's pretty well known by now that the more carbs we eat the more we want to eat. There is an addictive quality to those evil (nice!) horrible (yummy!) carbs (bastards!). I'd always thought this was an insulin reaction (in everyone, not just diabetics) but apparently there's more to it.

Dr Zane Andrews of Monash University (Australia) says "The more carbs and sugars you eat, the more your appetite-control cells are damaged, and potentially you consume more"

Don't ask me why he says Carbs and sugars when sugars are carbs...

But the article is well worth a read. Check it out here.
Your food is watching you! (image from evil mad scientist with instructions for making your own edible googly eyes - coool!)

Monday, 25 August 2008

Getting all gooey

Diabetes has always come with a little emotion. From "Omg, me? Diabetes? Really?" to "Yeh whatever, get over it, life goes on"... then "eek I'm low" and "eeeeek I'm high" and "I just don't want to think about diabetes today!" etc.

But other than those typical emotional moments, I'm pretty flat really. New insulins? Whatever. Another possible cure reported? Yeh, whatever - spare me the tease.

One thing that keeps popping up for me though, is the mention of Banting & Best themselves. Oh boy do I feel a little emotion when I think about these two fabulous men who discovered my life juice!

Diabetes is just something I have - life goes on. I deal with it just fine. I have my moments, of course! But mostly it's no biggie. But what if Insulin was never discovered? I'd be gone by now. I'd have left my son behind, and my friends & family. I'd have spent a short time a bit ill, then very ill, then in a coma, then dead.

Dismal, yes but it just reminds me that I take my insulin for granted. I think it's good that I manage to shelve diabetes and carry on with my life - but I can't forget to appreciate my life, and remember the brilliance that is Insulin.

I'm SO lucky to be experiencing my life, seeing the things I see and doing the things I do. Sometimes just making a cup of tea is a miracle!

This is the web site that brought on my feelings tonight: The Banting Homestead Some day, when I have the time and the cash, I'm going to visit this place and kiss the ground!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The world is just awesome

Isn't the world a fantastic place?

Love the sing-a-long feel to that ad :) Maybe everyone in America has already seen this, but it's new to me.

New Zealand's ads are not so nice & fluffy... more like this:

Anyway, it IS an awesome world we live in, and I'm learning to appreciate it and look after it more. I've always been pretty careful with things like recycling but I'm moving on a step from here. I've given up using shampoo & conditioner (replaced with a Baking soda wash and an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse). I'm recycling more than ever before. I'm composting big time, and I've started a vegetable garden so we can have some real fresh spray-free home grown veggies (YUM).

I'm learning about solar cooking (why did I never think of that before?) and about edible wild plants. I'm saving electricity and learning new ways to do things manually. And loving every moment!

So that's it folks - it seems I've gone hippy on you!