Sunday, 31 August 2008

It's all gone wonky!

It's late evening, I'm checking my blood sugar knowing it's a little high... only to find it's a LOT high, 15.2mmol (270). I just don't see numbers like this any more *gasp*.

It's the middle of the night. I'm feeling ok but a little hungry and desperate for the loo. I always test if I wake up during the night - just as well: 1.4mmol (25)! Yikes. I just don't see numbers that low.. ever! Argh!

It's morning. I'm stuffed, that low really broke my sleep and took away all my energy for today. I suspect I'll be a little high, probably overdid the munchies to correct that low. Testing... Argh! not THAT high, surely! *scream*

It's mid afternoon. Knowing I'm still just a little high I decide to mow lawns to work some of it off. I'm feeling a little odd. Better pop inside and test the blood sugar while I have a little break. Holy crap, not THAT low... 1.8... ok, that's my day totally pooped. This roller coaster stuff really takes it out of me *sigh*

My numbers are normally pretty good. I aim to stay between 4 and 7 most of the day - naturally it fluctuates (I mean, duh, this is diabetes...) but I do quite well. I only manage diabetes so well because I test lots and because I am motivated to work with the results. It's the only way for me to feel I have control enough to live a normal life. It works - I've never once conked out, never had any real diabetes related trouble of any kind.

But now.. ouch. Today's lows were scary. The scariest part being that I was still acting and feeling pretty normal. But I was so worn out from it that I slept most of the afternoon and had to cancel my plans.

What's happened? ME, that's what. I've been testing less, I've been eating more crap, I've been guessing my doses and my numbers. In a nutshell: avoiding diabetes.

I do believe I've been taught an important lesson here! Back to testing lots, that's what works for me. I never intended to slip out of it, it just faded slowly, but trust me there'll be nothing slow about getting my control back!

*kicks own butt*

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