Monday, 25 August 2008

Getting all gooey

Diabetes has always come with a little emotion. From "Omg, me? Diabetes? Really?" to "Yeh whatever, get over it, life goes on"... then "eek I'm low" and "eeeeek I'm high" and "I just don't want to think about diabetes today!" etc.

But other than those typical emotional moments, I'm pretty flat really. New insulins? Whatever. Another possible cure reported? Yeh, whatever - spare me the tease.

One thing that keeps popping up for me though, is the mention of Banting & Best themselves. Oh boy do I feel a little emotion when I think about these two fabulous men who discovered my life juice!

Diabetes is just something I have - life goes on. I deal with it just fine. I have my moments, of course! But mostly it's no biggie. But what if Insulin was never discovered? I'd be gone by now. I'd have left my son behind, and my friends & family. I'd have spent a short time a bit ill, then very ill, then in a coma, then dead.

Dismal, yes but it just reminds me that I take my insulin for granted. I think it's good that I manage to shelve diabetes and carry on with my life - but I can't forget to appreciate my life, and remember the brilliance that is Insulin.

I'm SO lucky to be experiencing my life, seeing the things I see and doing the things I do. Sometimes just making a cup of tea is a miracle!

This is the web site that brought on my feelings tonight: The Banting Homestead Some day, when I have the time and the cash, I'm going to visit this place and kiss the ground!

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