Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

To all Mum's out there (at least, the ones in the countries that have Mother's Day today), a very happy Mother's Day!

I got a sleep in today, and my son made me a cup of tea. Typical Mother's Day stuff, really. My son just wants to look after me today. Part of his efforts to make sure I don't have to do anything included refilling my Novorapid and giving me my morning injections. I bet there aren't many kids doing that for their Mum's today!

It's fairly standard stuff for us. I don't want him thinking he has to look after me, but it's good that he knows how to do it all. He knows what to do if I'm low, he knows how to work my insulin pens and my testers, he knows what a carb is and how to eat a healthy balanced diet.

I'm proud of him, it's great stuff. He'd know what to do if I was in trouble. He'd know how to help other diabetics in trouble. But that doesn't stop me wishing he didn't have to do any of this. I wish he'd never seen an insulin injection! I wish he didn't have to worry about Mum conking out some day. I'd be happier if he had no idea what diabetes was!

I guess it's all a part of his wider education, and I'll be fine with all this... so long as he never gets diabetes. I'm not sure how I'd cope with that. Makes me wonder how my Dad copes with the fact that I'm diabetic. Parenting is a bitch sometimes, but never more so than when you have to watch your child go through something horrible that you can't change.

Anyway... have a great mother's day, world! My son and I are off to get me a pressie, some new slippers I think... here comes winter. Brrr.

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