Tuesday, 1 May 2007


I've been a little quiet lately - a bunch of reasons to put the blame on but mostly it's just that I've been staying up too late, getting up too late, and feeling pretty crappy most days... the vicious cycle returns. I must one day find out if my sleep troubles are insomnia or just me being me.

I've been wanting to write about my ONE POINT ONE since it happened, but somehow have managed to avoid it. Perhaps if I deny it, it never really happened?! Anyway, read on... the tale of ONE POINT ONE.

Sunday night, 4am, as the 23rd of April is beginning... I wake up to use the toilet as I so often must do. I'm OK as far as I can tell, just dozy and a bit clumsy because I'm too tired to open my eyes properly. As I leave the bathroom I notice I left the light on - unusual for me - so I reach to turn it off and wonder why such a habit failed me. I wobble my way back into my bedroom and try to ignore my growling stomach. It's 4am and food does not really appeal. I just want to sleep, I'm sooo tired. I lay back down in bed and realise things are not quite right. Struggling against the urge to sleep, I grab my tester, test and wait.

At this point I feel that the back of my neck is all sweaty. I double check that I turned my electric blanket off, and yes, I did. My meter flashes at me, 1.1 - I look at it in better light, thinking it must be 7.7 or maybe the damn thing is broken. There's no way I should still be functioning normally at 1.1, surely? Well, now I know.

In those few seconds while the meter is counting down, I realise I AM low. The signs were there, but I guess I was too low to accept it or piece the info together. I reach for the coke bottle beside my bed and take a guzzle. I think about re-testing to double check, and decide against it - more important to just eat now that I can feel how low I am. I eat, and drink, and eat, and drink... and fall asleep.

I wake up at over 12mmol. Urrrrgh.

1.1! That's shocking, people! That's horrible! That's less than 20 mg/dl for you Americans. My lowest low yet.

The number was bad enough, but the realisation that I was pretty much OK during that was double shocking. I can't knock it - after all, I was totally alone and would've been in BIG trouble if I didn't have my wits about me. I just thought that 1.1 would be enough to see me truly in trouble.

Regardless, it scared me, especially the fact that I didn't wake up in the 3's as I have done before. I will never again throw caution to the wind when correcting for a high caused by evening munchies. (I'm sure I will, actually... but I'll try not to!)

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