Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Bullet points, again, just coz.

Too much to say and not enough time / motivation to get the job done! So here's another dose of M's bullet points.
  • Accu-chek have added a warning on their NZ site to let us all know about the new Performa meters reading plasma. Pleased to see that :) I hope there's also a note of some sort included with all the new meters they're sending out now. There must be heaps of diabetics who don't visit the website... They've also sent an update to health professionals around the country so that they can catch all the 'omg my numbers are suddenly higher' comments and let people know they're still OK. A good move, but I hope they're not relying on doctors to get the word out. Who wants to pay for a docs appointment to find out something that could've been more clearly stated on the packaging?
  • I never did hear back from Novo Nordisk about the lack of C-peptide in our insulins. Maybe it's chase-up time.
  • We might end up with a third cat! There's been a really sad looking cat around here for months. He's brown - darker brown around his head, lighter brown from his shoulders down to his tail. His hair always looks matted and he's just so damned small. Kitten sized, but a full grown cat. He used to run a mile whenever there were people about, but now he comes up to us and is very snuggly. Whenever possible I give him some food and comb his hair. He seems to love us for it :) I'm pretty sure he mustn't have a home - who'd let a cat get so skinny? And leave his hair like that? Poor puddy tat :( If we can be sure he's homeless, then he has a home with us. He's met my two girls and none of them seem to have a problem with each other. All good! My son has named the little fluff-ball 'Noodle' - a most excellent name. I think it will end up being my son's cat - I already have to fight for space on my bed at night!
  • Today was almost another beautiful BG day! My highest reading was when I got up (late) at 6.5 - can't complain! Lots of readings in the 5s. Only stuffed up by having 2 low readings... Not surprising though, as I spent a lot of time this afternoon chopping wood & breaking off branches for kindling. And nibbling on a chocolate bar! Of course, I wont feel too cocky about this... those numbers only reflect where my BG was at 7 points during the space of today. Any one of those tests could've been on the way down from something twice as high. Oh how I want a CGMS!
  • Doesn't anyone make blog posts on the weekends? You lot all leave me DESPERATE for a good read! I go blog surfing every day, and I feel a little lost during the weekend. It's all so quiet out there... Go on, I dare you, make LOTS of posts next weekend! Feed my addiction!
There's my condensed version of 'everything M has on her mind this evening'. Trimmed because I could've gone on for hours if I told you everything that goes on in my mind... This brain is over-active at the best of times, and round-about now, when it should be shutting down (it's nearly 2am), seems to be when I most want to write!

Goodnight, world! Sweet dreams and a happy tomorrow to you all :)


Anonymous said...

Any idea why your blog always brings up a pop-up ad when I view it? I haven't seen anyone else's do that... but yours is the only NZ one I read ;)

..M.. said...

Ooh ... no idea. Doesn't happen to me when I view it (not from someone elses computer either).

What's the popup for? Hopefully nothing disgusting! Have you cleaned out your cookies & run a spyware check lately? I certainly hope it's not related to my blog... but if it is I apologise most humbly and swear to find it, attack it, and throw it off the tallest building!

If anyone else is reading this: Do you get a popup?