Friday, 1 June 2007

Noodles & bicycles

Noodle, after a good feed & lots of combing

Noodle has been hanging around the house full time for a few days now, eating everything he sees and fast becoming a very loving & gentle wee boy. He still looks a bit sickly - he's SO small and his hair is so dry & wiry. We feed him daily and comb him, and he's starting to look better. He's booked in for a trip to the vet on Wednesday so he can have a good check up and we can attack the fleas & worms that may be present.

Noodle is our wee boy now. Even if he did have a home (which I doubt) it wasn't a good one - that was one unhappy & unhealthy cat. Not for long though :)

So now my post a while back about not having another cat seems even more silly - we're a three cat family - and given the chance, I'd keep taking on more!

=^..^= meow!

In other news...

Earlier this year I bought myself a bike as a birthday present. I've used it a few times but not as much as I intended. That's all changing... I did a 5.5km ride the other day, and it was great! Yesterday I probably only rode about 1km, my butt hurt too much to ride any longer. That was quite enough anyway, I was low when I got home and I couldn't feel my legs - even though I'd munched & sipped coke before I left. Cycling is obviously quite good for dealing to blood sugars, so I'll have to come up with a plan to handle it.

Perhaps I'll only cycle after meals, and have less /no insulin to even it out. I am glad I thought ahead on this though, and attached a small bag to my bike to carry lollies & my cell phone. I haven't needed the phone (so far) but I have gone through 5 or 6 lollies.

Which brings me to my next point... The whole idea of riding my bike is to lose a little weight. I've put on quite a few kilos since starting insulin over a year ago, and all attempts to lose it again have so far failed, apart from just a few kg that fell off before my sisters wedding purely from the fear of knowing I was going to wear a dress in front of hundreds of people!

I'm learning (again) just how hard it can be for an insulin dependent diabetic to lose weight. I resent everything I have to eat/drink if I'm low. I resent my insulin for encouraging the weight gain in the first place, and I resent my own attitude over the last year - originally my fear of lows which kept me eating when I didn't need to, then my attempt at routine eating while I was on protaphane, and my lack of exercise, again due to fears of going low.

Well, I'm past all that now. I can do this :)

My first move is to drop my Lantus - Lately it's been a bit too much. That perfect day I posted a few days ago was only the beginning... I've had more like it, but mostly with lows. I've dropped one unit from my morning Lantus so far (I split mine evenly into two 12 hourly doses - it's SO good that way!). I'll wait a couple of days to make sure it's settled, then I'll probably need to drop another unit or two to allow for the extra exercise I'm doing. We'll see...

I'd still rather be low than high, just not this often, especially when I want to avoid the junk food! I need to find a better balance and make losing weight a bigger priority.

Onwards and upwards, to good health and nicer clothes!

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