Friday, 1 June 2007

How's your brain today?

It's my personal opinion that we need a certain amount of smarts to cope with Diabetes successfully. It's not an easy thing to control - there's number crunching every day. Every meal becomes an equation of carbs vs insulin vs current BG level vs exercise vs medications vs which side of bed you got out of and how the pancreas gremlins are feeling on that particular day.

It's nothing like what most people think - if it was just about avoiding sugar this would be so easy!

So, how does your brain rate? Has diabetes sent your IQ rocketing? Do you feel smarter, punk?

Take the test (aww go on, I dare ya): Intelligence test

Scott J, I feel this one is particularly important for you, OK? Let me know how you do... Even better, post your results on your blog, 'coz I'm counting the days since you last posted and I'm going through withdrawal :p


Denise said...

YES!!!!!!!!! I took the test I am calling NASA today for a job. I always wanted to be a rocket scientist. Thanks You just made my day!!!!

Cara said...

I feel like I am super smart some days. Some carb counts I just have memorized. Others I can make a guess & am most of the time correct. I have left people with their mouths hanging open in amazment. :) I have even had some people who were doing the whole "low carb" diet come to me to have me tell them about how many carbs were in their foods. Makes you feel like a carb counting freak some days.

Bernard said...

Thanks for the pointer to this great test.

It was pretty hard, but I made it through to the end. And I think (with some extra work) I could be a brain surgeon.

First time visitor to your blog, I'll have to add you to my blogroll.

..M.. said...

A Rocket scientist and a brain surgeon! We're doing well, folks! I think, judging by my results from that intelligence test, that I should be able to find a cure for diabetes if I just put my mind to it for a few seconds.

Bit busy at the moment though.


Thanks for the 'add' Bernard - I've been reading yours for ages now :) It's been really nice to see a lot of the bloggers I read regularly are now visiting me here. It's nice for my little (very very intelligent *cough*) ego. And you've all been so nice to me!

Cara - I'm there with ya! Although at the other end of the scale, some people look at me as if I'm crazy!

Anyone could learn this stuff, but it's amazing how much more sense it makes when you NEED to know it. It was only a few years ago that I didn't really know what a carb was. My how times have changed...