Monday, 11 June 2007

Stuff and Nonsense

The life of M, in bits & bobs...

I had the craziest dream the other night - I actually wrote it out in full so I wouldn't forget it, it's worthy of making into a B grade horror/comedy! It was inspired by the book I'm reading at the moment 'The Suburban Book of the Dead' by Robert Rankin. I wont go into details because I'd only leave you scratching your head and pulling funny faces - but lets just say I was shot, and the ambulance took too long so I went shopping. Nuff said.

Rankin's books are crazy, to say the least. I love that - nothing like a good bit of comedy to relax a mind and body before sleep. But to dream Rankin style is a very new thing for me! I've never dreamt Gaiman style, or Pratchett style, or morning newspaper style! My entire life is Douglas Adams style though... Oh well, maybe I'll turn this dream into a best-selling novel some day. (Knowing that Procrastination is my middle name, I highly doubt it.)

Noodle, the latest addition to the puddy-tat side of our household, is not only not homeless anymore, but has TWO homes. Our little boy isn't a little boy though - she turns out to be an old lady. She's about 15, and very sick. Though it seems she was a stray, she's now much loved - The neighbours have been looking after her too, so now she's sorta hanging around both houses. Lucky cat!

I was a little rattled to discover she's so old, so sick, and has no teeth :( We gave her some flea goop but that's the best we can do for her. It's a whole different story now that I know she's not a young'un - but at least we know she's being looked after, and is still welcome to be a part of our family too.

Minx & Bub have settled in beautifully here. They seem very happy, which makes me happy :) Minx has become even more motherly for big Bub. Every night Minx comes in early and settles on the bed / couch or somewhere close to me. When it's bed time, she follows me out to the front door to get Bub. She's not interested in going outside or getting patted, she just wants to know that Bub is coming inside. Then the two of them walk in together, side by side, and have some supper before settling on the bed. I'm loving this routine of theirs - it's so cute! One of these days I'll have to try getting a video of them so I can show off their utter cute-ness to you all :D

Has anyone noticed how many of us bloggers are proud cat owners?

I'm getting sick of having no car... and my savings aren't building up because I'm borrowing other people's vehicles and always putting in more gas than I use (as ya do, in the hope that you can borrow the wheels again!). Some days I get frustrated without a car, but one good thing is that local trips are great for walking or nipping down with the bike, so at least I'm getting more exercise and fresh air. It's so damned cold though! Winter has hit us. Brrrrr!

I've signed up on since everyone everywhere seems to be talking about it! Looking good. If you read other Diabetes related blogs then you've probably already seen 5 or 6 plugs for it, so I wont say anymore, except that if you're diabetic, or know a diabetic, it'd be worth checking out tuDiabetes. That was my non-plug plug! And while you're at it, if you aren't a member already, you really ought to be over at - it is, in my opinion, the best place for advice, info, chats & a general sense of being surrounded by others who understand :)

P.S Stuff & Nonsense just happens to be an old song I rather like by Split Enz - A Kiwi band from when I was just teeny tiny. You might not know of them if you're not from New Zealand, but you may know the Finn Brothers (or Crowded House - Neil Finn & Tim Finn - same brothers behind them all)


Carey said...

Very nice version of "Stuff & Nonsense" on the Enzso album. Do you have that? The boys playing along with the New Zealand Symphony.

I'm going to see CH in Philly in August.

..M.. said...

You're going to see Crowded House? Really? Last I heard there was no such group any more and the lads had once again gone their own ways (only to see the Finn Brothers end up together again of course!).

How cool! They've certainly moved on from being the lads from down under!

I have heard that version, but I don't own the CD. I should get a hold of that I think!

Carey said...

Yes, Crowded House is back. New album, Time on Earth, will be released next month.

Check out the single, "Don't Stop Now."

..M.. said...

Thanks Carey! I had no idea... but very happy for them :D

Do they still call them an Australian band over there? Those guys seem to have claimed both countries as home!

Bernard said...

What's your TuDiabetes handle? You can find me as bernfarr over there.

What do you think of it so far?

..M.. said...

Heya Bernard :) I'm <-- Penfold :)

Good site! Cool to watch it grow :) See you there :)