Friday, 13 April 2007

Fun with technology

I've recently come across a whole new world of chat at - 3D chat. Pick an avatar - no not a dorky pic, a 3D version of a real person. Albeit a perfectly shaped skinny gal/guy with great looks - but hey, it's fun. Then you go chat with other perfectly shaped bodies, mostly wearing flirty clothing and saying crazy things (and mostly teenagers) and hey presto - play time!

I've found this works better if you invite your own friends in to chat - thus avoiding horny 16 year old foreign boys who can barely speak English but still manage to get across something about jumping into bed with you.

I've had fun playing around on IMVU with friends, beating each other up, burping, dancing and watching two male (and very straight) friends passionately kiss online and giggle about it. Sounds like a typical night out drinking, doesn't it? But without the alcohol and no insulin or taxi fare required ;)

That's cool technology, though useless if it came to saving lives / saving the world.

Helpful technology would be something like the CGMS I so desperately want to get my hands on. I'm in the process of finding out if they're available in New Zealand, and where & how much. I really think these things are the key to good control. As it is I test my blood sugar 5 - 12 times a day (12 would be extreme...) but with the CGMS I'd have hundreds of readings at my fingertips without having quite so many little dots on my fingers for tests. I'd have warning for lows and highs. I'd probably have my best hba1c to date. *sigh* A gal can dream.

The bummer about technology, from where I sit at this point in time, is that it aint cheap. I know that because my computer managed to kill itself a couple of days ago. Motherboard: FRIED. Processor: FRIED. DOH! Thankfully, the ram and hard drive and other bits are ok. I'd rather lose the expensive stuff than lose the personal stuff - like the photos I never quite got around to backing up, etc. It's just a tad expensive when I already need to save for a car, and have to pay for firewood. Pfft. These things always come at once, don't they?

My good friend has donated his old computer to me short term, while I sort my finances and get my computer back up & running. So I still get to be blog-surfing, chatting, and blog writing as I chose :) Ahhhh where would I be without my mates? (offline, that's where!! Thanks 'S'!)

On a completely unrelated note, it's my sister's birthday today. Happy birthday little sis!


Kerri. said...

Hello to you! I've come your way via a comment you left on my blog - thanks for adding your terrific voice to this crowd of d-bloggers.

I've been poking around in the IMVU site, too. Man, that has addictive potential. I can't allow myself to register or I may be sucked in. :)

-- Kerri.

M said...

Thanks Kerri! It's all rather heart-warming that the first person to comment on my blog is someone I read about every day!
I absolutely suggest that you DON'T sign up on IMVU, addiction potential: horrendous. But maybe only short term as I'm getting bored with it already ;)