Sunday, 22 April 2007


Well, life works in odd ways, huh?

Only hours after posting that message, having decided I really couldn't have a cat in the house, I have been offered two of my favourite beautiful babies - and accepted!

I will soon have a gorgeous natured multi-coloured 'Minx' (minx-a-millions) and big grey Bub (Tubby Bubby) in my care. I love those girls! I know there'll be a bit of fuss when they realise they're leaving the other two behind, but in time I'm sure they'll be ok. The main aim here is for Bub to lose weight. That gal is rather large for a cat... but it's hard to put one cat on a diet when you have three others in the house. So, in walks me... maybe bub and I can lose a few kilos together ;)

YAY this house will no longer be cat-free!

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