Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Bullet points, because life isn't always a story.

For some reason I'm full of writers block issues at the moment, so I'll stick to bullet points to get some thoughts on 'paper' tonight.

  • I'm house-sitting. I'm at my friend's house - J, with the coffee mentioned earlier- while he's away on a business thingymajig. I have his house, his car, and his adorable cat to look after. I'm certainly appreciating the use of the car (ohhh and it does love to go fast, I gotta be so careful!). Loving the cat, he's so affectionate and just totally adorable. There's no food and no clean towels, but I have to remember this the house of a young single man. 'nuff said ;)
  • I think I've discovered that a jab in the arm is the way to get the BG down fast. I really HATE being high - things like the chinese effect pee me off no end. So if this arm-jabbing trick is the key to getting back to normal with some speed, I'll be happy. I'll test the theory out - very very carefully - and report back :)
  • Cadbury's Macadamia chocolate is pretty good!
  • IMVU is actually getting more addictive, so long as I have people I know to chat to and new things to see/do. I'm sure it's just another one of my phases...
  • I've paid for my replacement computer parts. I should be totally back up & running in a matter of days. YAY :) I do have a loan computer at home, and at the moment I have J's computer to play with, so it hasn't been so hard to go without (funny that)'. Same for cars actually, I handed over my car a few weeks ago but have only actually had about 3 days without wheels, thanks to loan vehicles. This wont last... but it's nice for now. The longer it lasts the better, since my cash is busy fixing my computer! Certainly a time to appreciate friends... I've been well looked after :)
There is no doubt more to say - I actually keep my blog in mind every day now. When something happens my first thought is 'ohh - must write about that!' but I haven't yet kicked my butt into gear and bought a note book or something so that I can recall these tid-bits for later. Note to self, keep more notes to self, but on paper. Atta gal.

Does anyone know how I can make my bullet points double spaced? Just not right having them all bunched up like that.

And while I'm at it, how the heck can change the font of a post after it's published? That old 'I have learnt' post has been attacked many times to try and make it the same as the other posts, but each and every time it goes back to how it was. Pfft. Never mind! Got it!

That's all folks... Good night (urr, good morning, it's 2am *blush* I'll be sleeping in tomorrow!),

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