Wednesday, 4 April 2007

AH, some news to share!

Something I'm heavily interested in is the low carb debate, particularly for diabetics.
This one isn't specific to diabetes, just weight loss. Still, positive news...
Low carb vs low fat diet study

My Endocrinologist is doing a similar study - one I'd love to take part in but he's concentrating on type 2 diabetes - fair enough, they're more likely to be the ones that need to lose weight, and the ones that would benefit from it the most. Also easier to use people who aren't on insulin - we'll stuff up results if we get low and have to eat extra. I await the results with impatient interest - tho I suspect he'll find the same as the study posted above. It really does seem like low carb is the way to go - both for weight control AND blood sugar control.

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