Tuesday, 10 April 2007

I have learnt:

When I was a wee kidlet I always kept a diary. On boring days, or maybe days when I had nothing to complain about, I'd write lists. 'What I got for Christmas' or 'reasons why life sucks' or 'reasons why life is cool' or 'things I like about Daniel' *cough* etc.

No diary anymore (I suppose this blog counts now though) but I still write endless lists! And here's the beginning of my first blog list:

I HAVE LEARNT: That coffee really IS bad for me.
I discovered green tea a while back, and loved it so much I just completely forgot about coffee. Suddenly I was hooked on green tea and hadn't had a coffee for days.

Enter friend, 'J', who loves his coffee and makes a bloody good cuppa. Visiting him means having at least one coffee - and loving it. Uhmm not so much this time. I actually got the coffee buzz. I was hyperactive. My mind was all over the place. I couldn't get my head around things and I felt so weird - I kept checking my blood sugar, it felt like a really strange low. Yikes, no more coffee for me! (I've since had at least one a fortnight - seems I'm not that good at keeping promises to myself - yes yes, I'll give up smoking and lose 10kg too, promise! )

So now that I actually go through most days with clearer thoughts, a calmed heart and a good old cup (or 5) of green tea... Coffee has made it to my bad books.

Evil coffee, go to your room!

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