Friday, 13 April 2007


We've been lucky with the weather 'til now. Summer came late and then hung around to keep an eye on us - or maybe just to tease us with its warmth and then run away and let autumn come with a BANG. My thermometer read 5Âșc earlier this evening. YIKES. I lit the fire for the first time, with some leftover wood from last year, and spent most of the evening cuddling my hot water bottle. Very soon I will snuggle up into a warm bed thanks to my electric blanket. I'm lucky I have these things, I really can't stand the cold!

Quite a change from when I was a young lass. I hated summer. I didn't want to wear any light clothing - in fact most of the time I wore jeans with two T-shirts. Yes two. NO chance of anything being see-through or showing shape with two barriers between young teenage males and my skin.

Things have changed. Geez - I even wear a dress once or twice a year - though admittedly the only time I've worn one this year it was a fancy bridesmaid's dress (OMG people have PICTURES of me in a dress... shocking!). I live for singlets - without a care for how I look in them. I'm comfortable and that's what matters.

Comfort comes before worrying about what other people think / see? Cool. There's something to be said for being over 30 - it seems to be a time for growing up and worrying less. A little at a time... I guess I'll be all grown up and stress free when I'm dead!

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Jill said...

Love my hot water bottles too.
They're just the best invention ever!