Sunday, 8 April 2007

Later that same day...

OK! Today was destined to SUCK wasn't it! I think last night's low set me up for a roller coaster ride. Hours after I posted I was still sitting a little high. But then we went Out. That's it - Murphy knows when to catch me. Wait until I'm driving. Wait til I'm driving my father's Ute, nonetheless. The one that isn't stocked up with munchies like my own glove box would be. Wait until I KNOW I have to be high, because all that insulin from this morning is definitely out of my system, and I've eaten, and I feel high. But I arrive at my parents bach and within a few minutes of sitting down I feel my fingers tingling. Ah, thinks I, wonder if this is an unusual symptom of high blood sugars!? Then I look at my hands, and I know I'm not looking at them properly because my eyes wont stay focused on one area. I touch my hands and I can't feel them. Hmm.
Time to test. And what do you know... 2.6. Thanks to my mother's Apricot Jam and a Caramel Cutie (2nd only to creme eggs for easter treats. yum) I find my way back to the 5s. Then realise I only have one test strip left. And I still feel funny. Have I shot higher, or dipped back down?
Yes folks, today was a hair-ripping, foot-stomping, frustrating sort of Diabetes day.
Here's to a fresh start in the morning!

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