Sunday, 27 January 2008

Poking holes in fingers and thoughts

My insulins cost me about a dollar a month each.

My meters were both free.

My test strips are also about a dollar a month.

My Lancets I pay full price for, and for some reason that makes me a total scrooge!

I just opened a new pot of strips for one of my meters. This means using a new lancet. Every time I start a new one, I cringe. Another lancet 'wasted'.

What's the big deal? They probably cost me just a few cents each! Maybe I should work out exactly how much they cost so I can see how silly it is to worry about the price!

Once I've changed it, I test, and ohhh it feels so good (really?!) to test with a fresh lancet.

It's crazy to feel so good about sticking something sharp in my finger, right? And crazy to worry about such a tiny expense. I don't think twice about spending $3 on a block of chocolate that certainly wouldn't last as long as my lancets!

To some degree, I can be a scrooge about everything. I am used to being a single mother on a strict budget after all. But this is nuts.

Next week I'm going to go out and splurge... a new box of lancets for both prickers. I probably wont change them any more regularly than I already do, but perhaps when I do change them I'll stop feeling guilty about the expense!

In fact, now that I've vocalised these crazy thoughts, I suspect I've just cured myself.

(My apologies to my American readers - I realise my silly issue here is nothing compared to the prices you pay and the struggles you sometimes go through with insurance companies. Yikes.)


Toni said...

You're right, I'm envious! $40 a month for my test strips (that's with insurance) and $20 for my insulin. Of course, full price for the lancets. I wish they would come out with generic insulin.

Major Bedhead said...

A dollar a month for test strips??! We pay $50 a month for strips and for insulin.

Lancets, however, are free. Because they only cost about $8 to buy a box of 100 so the insurance company doesn't mind kicking in for those. *sigh*

Bad Decision Maker said...

yeah, it is really messed up and ridiculous that it has to be that way here, but yeah. $35/month each for insulin and test strips ($70 each for a 3 month supply if i do the mail order pharmacy, but i do not trust them anymore after some bad insulin and test strips). with really good insurance. aggh my country is so messed up.