Saturday, 26 January 2008

Kittens, 13 days old, and omg adorable!

I took the babies outside today, and caught some beautiful pics!

A movie to start with. If you like hearing cute wee kitty squeaks, turn your sound up!

And some adorable close up pics:
Rigatoni (on the right) with Taco (I think - but could be Pumpkin). Noodle in the background, Pumpkin (or, urr, Taco) underneath them.

Rigatoni is practising his 'come hither' look, I think... or is it the 'I'm sooo gunna get you' look?

Rigatoni and Taco are using Pumpkin as a pillow. Awww.

Our two silver-black tabbies are starting to look more like silver-brown-black tabbies. Bit of a mouthful - It's a good thing I don't care about breeds, I'm quite happy to just call them kittens!

Pumpkin snuggled up in Mum's back legs. Noodle is so very patient with her babies, and often ends up in really strange positions as she tries to get comfortable around her babies!

I love being a kitty-nana :D


in search of balance said...


So cute. Oh my gosh.

Simon said...

Severe cute overload here!

But then, I've had the privilege of seeing them for real and cute doesn't even begin to describe them.

Completely and utterly gorgeous might, on a good day, creep on to the bottom of the scale, but it doesn't really do them justice.

And as for Noodle... there's a book about Noodle waiting to be written. She is a star! When I first saw her I thought she was not long for this world. I'm very glad to have been proved wrong!

Minnesota Nice said...

OH so very cute! Please keep putting up pics. And I loved the video - yes I like kitty squeaks, and the way Mom was grooming the baby.

..M.. said...

Glad people are enjoying my pics, because I love to share them.
There are so many hundreds that don't make it here!
I will be sure to keep you up to date with the gorgeousness :D