Friday, 25 January 2008

One for Kelly K

This is the second time I've been tagged for the 7 things meme - I'm actually going to do it now. A break from kitten blogging! Procrastination flies out the window now - oh wait, what's that shiny thing?! Is that a chocolate wrapper? I'll brb...

Ok, so, from Kelly K:

... if u want to participate, create a post with either 7 famous people you've met or 7 strange facts about yourself & then randomly select 7 other blogs to tag. It's a great way to read other blogs.
Thanks for dealing with me!
Have a great week and will continue to read your post!
Kelly K

So now I'm left pondering whether I can come up with 7 things that you wouldn't already know about me. Hmm. Well it's pretty certain that I don't know 7 famous people, so I'll just have to come up with something :D

Just to jazz things up a little, I'm going to use Maori numbers. I'm going to make it just about blogging / diabetes bloggers / me / whatever the hell I feel like, really. OK?!

Tahi: I still read blogs manually, with no blog reader. I'm not anti-technology or anything, I just prefer to click a bookmark rather than read a list. This is still true even though I have about 45 blogs I visit regularly. It's just nice to see it all as it was written... and the links on the side and all that. Especially when I'm bored and go blog-surfing.

Rua: I get so jealous of some of the bloggers who have pumps and CGMS :( I can't wait until they are standard diabetes treatment in this country - if that happens (surely it will?).
They are so rare here, and no one else seems even half as eager as I am, but I would almost kill to have a CGMS and I'd certainly maim for a pump. It's ok, you're all safe, I'm on the other side of the world!

Toru: I eat sugar. Yes indeed. And chocolate, and Chinese food, and pizza, and sometimes even potatoes and cake. Well of course, you knew that - we all do it, but sometimes it seems to be a hushed up thing. People should know that diabetes isn't about 'not having sugar'. That's like soooo 80's, y'know (*grin*). So I'm just saying, I eat what I like. That's all. Although - since we're confessing - my diet is actually pretty good and well balanced.

wha: I get nervous every time I have to see a doctor / endo or anyone who's in that line of work. I always expect to have to argue with them about my control. I always expect them to pick on my highs or complain about my lows. I picture them tut-tutting and picking at me. But y'know what... it doesn't happen. I've had minor battles - like my struggle to get enough test strips, but so far (touch wood) nothing drastic. I'm still expecting it every time I go, though...

rima: I'm quite happy as a diabetic, really. I've adjusted. I keep my a1c low, I plan it out and take care of myself. I know what I'm doing. I've learnt about it - I control it and I refuse to let it control me. I've come to accept it, and I've made my life work around it.
BUT I still curse my pancreas and wish it would get it's bloody act together. I still hate it. With a passion. *scream*

ono: I have no faith in a cure. None at all. *sigh* I wish I did - but then perhaps this is the better way for me to be - I have low expectations, and so I can't be let down. Ho hum.

whitu: Some days I over-estimate my insulin on purpose, just so I can have something 'naughty' later. Not in a dangerous way (well ok, I guess it IS dangerous, but I'm careful) - I don't try to get low, I just take a lot of insulin with dinner or with a correction dose, and remember that about an hour later I'll need to sneak in something carb-laden.
It feels naughty every time - yet what I'm really doing is allowing myself a 'treat', thinking ahead, keeping the blood sugar at a better flatter rate, and keeping in control. Why does it feel so naughty then?!

And now, because I can't help myself.... here's today's kitten pic :D

Thanks for the tag, Kelly.

Ohh and I've done my Sussy Circle shopping... just have to post it off now :) Hope it doesn't take too long for my package to get the U S of A! What a good idea this was, I love getting mail, I love presents, and I love giving people presents :)


Fibo said...

NICE Blog :)

k2 said...

I think we all overestimate our insulin from time to time, for the very same reason u listed.

Knowing w can eat a bit extra on the fly like everyone else.
Can u say Chocolate Chip Cookies?
Kelly K