Monday, 21 January 2008

8 days old - getting cuter by the day :)

Noodle with two of the kittens - the other one was sleeping between her back legs with his head against her bottom. Ohhhkaaaaay.

One of the twins now has one eye open... I can't wait til they all have their eyes open, coz as adorable as they are, it's just weird that they can't see me and I can't see their eyes!

And because my other two cats are feeling left out, here they are being beautiful too.

Bub not letting anyone go down the stairs:

And Minx, who has taken over Noodle's box while she's been 'awol' (downstairs with her babies).
I still can't believe I have a 6 cat family. I always wanted lots of cats, but I wanted to have settled down with heaps of money and a little farmlet first! Mind you, I said that about having children too...

I guess I'm not too good at sticking to my plans :D


Minnesota Nice said...

Is Minx staking out new territory, or is he just mad because of al the attention directed away from him?

..M.. said...

She (all my adult babies - uh, adult cats - are female) just loves to sit in boxes, I think.

Bub and Minx can't be feeling too left out - I've tried hard to avoid that. In fact they've been enjoying having the run of the house without having the slightly bossy Noodle in the way.

At first I was a bit annoyed that Noodle chose to have her babies in the spare room, and seems so determined to stay in there - but it's worked out so well. The other two are happy to be alone in my bedroom again!

Also because it's a cooler room down there so they're not overheating in the stuffy heat the rest of us are putting up with at the moment, ugh!

k2 said...

Your Kitties are sooooo cute and your blogs great!

Oh.....I blog tagged u.
If your into it, great!
If not,no big deal, I still like your blog.
ANywho, if u want to participate, create a post with either 7 famous people you've met or 7 strange facts about yourself & then randomly select 7 other blogs to tag. It's a great way to read other blogs.
Thanks for dealing with me!
Have a great week and will continue to read your post!
Kelly K