Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I can't read the word changes without getting David Bowie's Ch-ch-changes song stuck in my head!

So, I've reached one of THOSE points in life. Stuff is changing all around me. It's a good thing, because nothing has changed dramatically for some time, and to be honest, I was getting bored!

Recently a very good friend moved away to Auckland - seems like so far away, but it's great we can still catch up on the net and it's only half a days travel for us to visit each other. That's quite a big change for us, since we used to catch up almost every day of the week and often did meals and/or movie nights together. It was great to have another insulin junkie around too.

Last week the painter started preparing our house for a re-paint of the outside. HUGE job - this is a massive house! I'm impressed with his speed, especially as he's doing it alone. One side of the house is almost completed already. I'm not sure about the colour scheme, he scrunched his face up while he was telling me about the owner's choice of greys & blues, but I am relieved it's not the same colours she chose for another house - lime green with blue. EW.

Last night I gave my boarder the boot. Had enough of him sneaking home drunk and trying to cook his dinner at 2am (and then, on a few occasions, going to sleep and leaving the oven on. eeeek), and I suspected he was sneaking drugs in too. That was confirmed last night when the smell of marijuana came wafting down the stairs. So, being that I'm a 'be soft til the last minute then tip over with the final straw' sort of person, we had words - surprising polite and friendly ones - and he'll be out by the end of March. We both understand each other - it's just clashing lifestyles. We're a quiet family with a 'cat zoo' who want to get on with our simple family-oriented (boring?) lives, he's a musician and single young man who needs to spread his wings and go wild. All fine but not a good match in one house.

Think positively for me please everyone - I'd like Mr Perfect to be my next boarder! If we don't find anyone we have to move out and find some pokey little flat somewhere, and that would be such a downer :(

If you can't send me Mr Perfect, then please send the winning lotto numbers :D I'd be sooo happy to have this house to myself! The boarder gets a fantastic room upstairs, about the size of 2 if not 3 normal bedrooms, with a deck off the side and a gorgeous view of the ocean. I've always wanted that bedroom!

It will be interesting to see what other changes 2008 brings for us. Bring it on!

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