Sunday, 16 March 2008

Looking for Mr Upstairs

The reason it took me so long to give my current boarder the boot is that I was avoiding having to find a new one. I remember the stress of doing that last time, and I'd be happy if I never had to do it again!

The current boarder, after 2 years of always paying on time and being a fairly responsible guy, started coming home drunk and making a racket. Some days he'd bring strangers home, also drunk, and they caused problems. When he started smoking in his bedroom - and smoking hard stuff too, that was the final straw. I'd already had this guy apologise many times for not helping out around the house - but still he never changed that and I felt like I had two kids to clean up after.

SO here I am again! Advertising and hoping like hell there's someone out there who's just a nice guy (yes, most likely male, I'm not sure I could live with another female) who I can trust to be in my home with my son and my cats, who will pay on time and give us our space.

So far I've had enquiries from:
A woman from overseas who doesn't speak English very well, who wants the room at least a week before it's available, and doesn't answer my questions. No go.

A single nearly 50 guy who loves his music, lives a buddhist lifestyle, and apparently lives by his own time regardless of others. He seems like a really nice guy - but his main worry is when he can listen to his music loud, and where he can keep his stuff in our house - even though I've repeated many times that the (huge) bedroom and cupboards are his space and the rest of the house is ours. This is not a house sharing arrangement - I'm looking for a boarder! This same guy didn't ring when he said he would, didn't turn up when he said he would, then when we arranged another time he turned up over an hour late and ordered a cup of tea as soon as he arrived!

This afternoon I'm seeing another guy - he's a married man with kids but he's left the family behind while he settles into his new job and saves to buy a house so that they can all move down. Although that makes him a temporary boarder, he's so far my best bet. Lets see if I say the same thing in a couple of hours when he's been in to have a look!
As much as I hate boarder-hunting, I don't hate it anywhere near as much as the idea of having to move out of my house - and we will have to do that if we can't find someone. And so I'll keep advertising, keep interviewing, and keep hoping for Mr Upstairs to turn up real soon. I can't bear the thought of losing this house :(

Edited to add:
Oohhh this afternoons visitor seems REALLY nice! Trouble is, he doesn't seem that interested and he thinks he might be allergic to cats. Doh!

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