Monday, 24 March 2008

When kittens pee

You know my adorable little babies?
The little fluffballs of fun & love?
Those wonderful gentle little cute things?

Well today they aren't in my good books! One of them, no idea which one, decided not to use the kitty litter this morning. Instead, it looked like fun to go pee on my carpet next to the computer. Right where the power board sits. The power board where my computer, monitor and printer are plugged in. All this happens on the other side of the room to where little ol' me is snoozing away happily dreaming of Easter chocolate.

I was woken up with a loud buzzing noise. Heard a kitten scampering, saw my make-do keep-kittens-out-of-the wires fences knocked over . Then I heard a louder buzzing and saw flashes of orange light.

I Zooted out of bed (like that word? There is no suitable word in the English language for how fast I jumped up outta bed and across to the other side of the room, so I made one up). It fizzed and let out one giant POP as I reached over to flick the switches.

And then the smell. Ohhhh gawd the smell! I can still smell it now... horrible electrical burning fizzing smell mixed with the oh-so-lovely aroma of hot zapped kitty pee. Eu de gross.

So there I stood, with everything turned off and unplugged, and my lower jaw hanging in shock, ready to burst into tears if I found that my computer had suffered. Too scared to find out, I went outside and had a cup of tea on the back porch while I watched the little bundles of terror climb trees innocently, and I tried desperately to wake up properly.

Breathing deep to relieve my stress, trying to settle my heart and block out the images of zapped kitties, my house burning down, and other freaky nightmarish daydreams that went through my head, I made my way back to my room.

Fatalities: One power board, one cable, one patch of carpet that can be brought back to life with a little cleaning.

Survivors: Kittens. Everything that was plugged in to the power board. Me. Phew.

Can you hear my sigh of relief? It's almost as loud as the shriek I made when I saw the orange lightening coming up off my wet powerboard...

Well at least I'm awake now.


Araby62 said...

OMG that's too funny. Of course I'm sure it wasn't at the time! Poor kitties...they must've freaked out themselves!

Lili said...


Also, I tagged you for the Six Word Meme.

inanna said...

haha i have to say you are a great kitty mom for being so tolerant! I mean, I would be too, but there are a lot of people out their who would punish their kitties for such a deed. As a suggestion to keep them from doing that again, put a dish of lemon juice by your computer or desk and that should keep them away for now...although if I were them i don't think Id get within 10 feet of that spot in the future haha! :) good luck! I am having the same issues with my new furry bundels Jasha and Mehitabel, so i feel your pain... :P

..M.. said...

Inanna - I could never punish them - they learnt the lesson themselves anyway!
I learnt a lesson too, and my multi-plug power board is now hooked onto the computer desk, hanging down at the back. Try peeing on that. HAH!

They're 5 and a half months old now, and always go for the kitty litter. No more cleaning up kitty pee, yay! lol
You're right, some people would be quite rough on pets for something like that - but my pets aren't pets really, they're part of the family. My babies! Can't blame them for accidents when they're still young & just learning :)