Thursday, 6 March 2008

Sorry about that...

Motigo webstats have been removed. I'll miss them! But I refuse to allow anything that gives my site pop-ups!

Thanks for those who left comments. Very helpful :)

I'm so glad you guys still visit even though I was apparently throwing crap advertising at you every time you did. Sorrrrrrry :(

I wonder how they made it so that you lot got popups and yet 99.9% of the time I didn't?? Some clever cookie use or something I think!

Motigo used to be a great little service - well, they were before they were bought out and became Motigo. Tis a shame when good things go bad. Anyone know of any other site stat tools? (Or a clever bugger who can write one for me... that'd be cool. I don't ask for much, just the world lol)

Let me know if you still get advertising here. Google tells me that Motigo is definitely worthy of the blame, but if anything else I have is doing it too I'll remove it straight away. I HATE sneaky advertising!!

On another note... Look how cute my kittens are! lol


Minnesota Nice said...

I've been visiting for awhile now and never got a pop-up.
Soooooo sweet of the kitties to all share on basket - nice and toasty warm.

Colleen said...

No pop up attempts this visit!

I use WebStat - it's free for the basic stuff.

Address is:

Cody Turner said...

My momma cat just had 5 babies last night.

Toni said...

No popup this time:)

Denise said...

What sweet babies you have!!!

Carmen & Todd said...

Hi M - totally unrelated but I read your comment at Simplyfried about the orange glucagon boxes. I'm clw1 on her comments or you can read my blog at Out of total coincidence I do have a friend flying out to NZ on Thursday though I'm not sure where she is staying in relation to where you are - how much do you think it cost to pop it in the mail within NZ? I'm in Canada so could also deliver one to SimplyFried. Cheers!

..M.. said...

Postage should be pretty cheap within the country. Trouble is, I don't actually have a spare right now, I gave my old glucagon kits to my DNE for showing people how to inject oranges in emergencies :P

But keep in touch - I'll call her and see if she can spare some cases. See if you can find out where your friend is staying and if all things work out I might be able to help you out :)

If we can't get this organised then I can put out a call to all people I can think of who might have a case on hand, gather up a parcel and post them over. We just can't have you lot using little cardboard boxes when there's a much better option! (I personally think the cases are better for safety reasons too - keeps everything in one place, stands out like a sore thumb (SO ORANGE!) so its easy to find, and has instructions right there so even a complete stranger to D could work it out.

Cody Turner said...

I keep glucagon kits on hand and I get 4 a month so I can start saving up the cases as well. I am more than willing to help any diabetic in need if I can. In fact I am going to be putting together a box of syringes to someone who has no insurance and can't afford to get them. I get 300 syringes a month as I do 8 shots on a good day. And I get the 100 unit syringes so that is big enough no matter how much insulin you take.