Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Hyperactive kittens

My babies have grown up so much! Gone are the days of cute little sleepy kitty videos. Here's what they get up to now.

'scuse the mess - it's scattered kitty litter, thanks to Minx who has to dig to China every time she uses it.


George said...


david santos said...

Excellent, "M"!
Have a good day.

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh I love it when they prance and gallop sideways! At the very beginning I thought they were all going to tackle mom and demand a snack.

Anonymous said...

So cute....but trust me, those kittens are not hyperactive...ours is,,she leaps, jumps, pounces, climbs and trys to fly off of tall furniture...she is super lizzie...she is one of the happiest little kitties, very lovey and very active..we havd had her 6 weeks and have never seen her sleep during the day, she runs and plays from 4:45am till 9:30, but, she Does sleep all night..we just laugh and love.

..M.. said...

Hi Anon - You're so right, now that I've met a real hyperactive cat I can see that mine weren't so bad!
They're older now and settling down - still totally adorable of course :D