Monday, 4 February 2008

I have mail!

I love getting mail. Today was extra special as I got two parcels :) Double-extra-special because yesterday was my birthday so I've had lots of presents I'm feeling very well looked after :)


Landileigh has obviously been reading my blog - I have Reeses Peanut butter cups! Just the thing I wanted to try :) OMG I'm going to be in chocolate heaven.

And look at the gorgeous kitty photo holder! The candle is perfect - I like to have lots of them around the edges of the bath for when I need some ME time. The hearts are apparently paper weights but I like them as bowls :D

Thank you so much, Landileigh :) What a wonderful parcel :)

This parcel is my birthday present from Trunkles:

A lightscribe DVD writer - Grrrrrr-oovy :)
The SD memory card isn't there because I had to put it in my camera in order to take the photo lol. Thanks Trunkles! I needed the 4g because I keep taking a few trillion pics and movies of the kittens every day.

And this is what I had for breakfast today:

Left over birthday cake as made by my wonderful Auntie.

The biscuits around the edges are what's left from my son's baking yesterday - he made me a batch of afghan biscuits with melted choc icing, and then wrote on them in thick blue letters. One letter each to make the words 'happy birthday'. SO yummy. And that's what I had for lunch today, along with some left over BBQ steak.

Anyone get the feeling my blood sugar could be troublesome today?!


landileigh said...

i'm so glad it arrived! i was worried about it going half way around the world! aren't sussys the coolest?? i'm so glad to have had you as my sussy friend!


Beth said...

Aw, how neat! Landileigh is a peach. Reese's are sooo yummy.

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday... hope you continue to have a wonderful year :)

Happy birthday!

Diane J Standiford said...

Hi, I am starting a 100 Chronic Illness Blogs for my blog site; may I add yours? Diane-

email me

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday!

So many February birthdays packed together in the OC.