Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Close up kitties

Toni and Taco go a wandering

Poor old Rigatoni has something up with his left eye. It's gone all gooey around the edges and he can't open it properly :( I've been cleaning it a few times a day and it looks heaps better already, but I suspect he could be the first baby to make me poor at the vets!

Until then, here they all are being gorgeous as always :)
Toni, Pumpkin,Taco, and Noodle in front.


type1emt said...

very cute!

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh they are soooooooo cute!

Sara from Team Sweetpea said...


BetterCell said...

Rigatoni from the symptoms you describe has an infection in his L eye and is in need of antibiotic optic drops ASAP.
The other felines can catch this as well so it is best to get him to a Good Vet very fast.

..M.. said...

I think you're right bettercell - but we managed to clean it up ourselves. So still no vet visits - and one happy two-eyed Toni.