Saturday, 7 July 2007

Performa AGAIN

We're getting there, kiwis!

Roche have put out a press release regarding the Performa. There are small notices of gentle warning popping up across the internet. There was even an article in the papers and in the radio news, which let people know of the higher readings, and warned them to use a different meter. Good!

I wanted to choke when I read that the adjustment will be about 6 - 10% - anyone who's read my posts about the Performa can see the difference is much larger than that (and inconsistent, which is the bigger worry). But I am glad they're moving along and dealing to the problem.

Still waiting for my letter... Still waiting to see anything obvious that means ALL diabetics with the new Performa will have the knowledge. So far, there are still thousands of people unaware of the problem.

I wont go on, as my dear friend & fellow diabetic kiwi has already summed it up on his blog if you'd like to read more.


Megan said...

It sounds like the differences are happening because the advantage reads whole blood and the performa plasma, in which cause, the difference is well known and expected.

..M.. said...

Megan, It's more than that. We're aware of the 11% difference to expect when moving to plasma from whole blood - these are a lot higher. Even 50% higher (though Roche say only 6 - 10% higher than they should be).