Saturday, 14 July 2007

Parental guidence recommended...

Apparently this blog is rated PG because it contains the words "death", "dead", and "crap". My most humble apologies to your children :Þ

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(btw if you want to rate your own blog, click on the above. If you want to kill the online dating advertising that it tries to take with it, just delete the line in the code (at the end) that has the mingle2 online dating stuff.)

This thingywotsit pinched from 'moments of wonderful'


Bernard said...

I'm almost tempted to add a few choice words just to see what it does to the rating.

Who decides these words. Out of context they mean nothing. "I was dead late for my breakfast and the toaster oven had just died on me." might give you a false positive. Oh well, I guess it's all just for fun.

..M.. said...

Yeh Bernard - bit odd isn't it! It's not like I actually talked about death, or literal crap either lol.

Certainly just for fun. And obviously not too precise, 'coz it missed that I said that S word a couple of times too ;)