Saturday, 7 July 2007

I see dead p - I mean, I see BG numbers

Everywhere I look I see numbers that remind me of testing blood sugars.

The other day I saw a car with the licence plate 'BGL 152' or something similar - which I can't help but read as Blood Glucose Level: 15.2

Suddenly I find myself thinking: Yikes, bit high, better reach for the insulin...


To the right you see my digital thermometer - it's been sitting on my kitchen window sill for MONTHS, but I still see BG results, not temperatures!

It's the same with the time on the microwave, the seconds left before a bomb explodes on a movie, etc etc etc. It seems that all numbers belong in the BG reading compartment of my brain now!

The temperature you see there is what it's reading right this moment. A gorgeously sunny day, but still winter, and damned cold. Brrrr. 9 degrees is the highest we'll see today. And yet out in my garden I have spring flowers starting to bloom:

Months too early, but I wont complain! Certainly helps to make winter feel better :)

For curiosity's sake (and because I like playing with blogger's new toys) I've put a poll up there ----->
I want to edit it but it wont let me because there are two votes already. Instead of deleting it and starting again, I hope you'll understand that I missed out the words 'on MDI' (tho I'm sure it's obvious). Go, tick boxes!

BTW... having just testing at 2.7, I'm surprised any of this post makes sense... *stuffs food in mouth*


Bernard said...

This would mean more if you used an insulin pump, but check out my diabetes message on a truck.

You bolus insulin just before a meal when you're wearing a pump.

Major Bedhead said...

It's funny, any time I see someone with a cell phone case clipped to their belt buckle, I check to see if it's really a pump.

I don't know why, but your blog generates a pop up every time I click on it. Weird.

..M.. said...

Bernard: I saw your post! I guess diabetes takes up more space in our minds than we'd think. Tell ya what though, I think the weirdest example of D-overload is when I watch my son eating and for a moment I'm worrying that he hasn't had his insulin.

He's not a diabetic...

Major B: Strange! and what's worse, you're the second person to mention it :( I've never had a pop-up here from any computer I've used to view the page. I can't think how it could actually be coming from my blog (certainly nothing that I've put here, that's 100% guaranteed). Do you get pop-ups elsewhere? Time to clear your cache & stuff? I'll double check my end of things and if I find anything I'll kill it with my bare hands!!

Is the pop-up an ad? What for?

If anyone else has ever had a pop-up here, please let me know.