Sunday, 27 July 2008


Yes folks.. a1c time is coming.

And up until last week I had *fannnnntastic* control. I was soooo heading for that a1c in the 5s. Proud as punch, was I, knowing I had a great hold on things.

But we know diabetes much better than that, don't we...

Last week things went belly up. Lows here & there, highs there & here. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll still have a decent result, but I know that the last few weeks have the strongest influence on the a1c so I wont hold my breath.

Now, really, does it matter? *I* know that I have had great control. *I* Know that this is just a small hormonal hiccup thanks to early menopause, and a little to do with being inactive (it's winter after all - and the weather really stinks), and a little to do with the fact that I've had my favourite chocolates to much on... and they're hard to stop munching *blush*. I know that it'll all settle down in a few days. I know I can get control again and make it all better.

But I'll still be a little bummed if 2 and a half months of great control is wiped out with a week & a bit of crappy control.

I can't even do the usual trick of delaying the blood test (shhh!) - I have to have it done next week without fail because the results are needed for an appointment with my Endo and yet another appointment with my doctor. But that's ok...

It's all OK, it's just a pain in the butt!

I've been trying to get a result in the 5.5 - 5.9 range for what seems like forever (in reality it's about a year or a bit longer). This was gunna be it!

Crossed fingers, maybe I can get back into this smooth sailing thing again, perhaps it's just time for a little adjustment. Either way, I know it's no biggie - I'm already doing quite well in the low 6s, but boy would it be great to see a 5. *sigh*

And wouldn't it be nice if just for once my numbers didn't go mad for the few weeks just before an a1c test? It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!

UPDATE: The results are in - and even with the crappy numbers over the last few weeks I managed a 6.3. Sweet - though I still have a plan to reach the high 5s without hassle - without extra lows. In other words, tight-as control! I have the knowledge, I have the ability, but I also have carb cravings lol. (Pass the chocolate will ya?)


Colleen said...

Fingers crossed for a 5! I hate it when I give in to temptation the week before lab work.

Diane J Standiford said...

xxxxxxxx (What is it about lab tests that make us so defiant?)

Simon said...

You'll get the fives. I ***KNOW*** you will!

Minnesota Nice said...

I think this has happened to all of us.
BTW - are you still doing the wheat-free thing? I'm really curious about the results. Actually, I guess I should try it on myself.

..M.. said...

MN, I'm still mostly gluten-free but I don't seem to go long on 100% GF. The stuff hides everywhere! I think it takes a long time to learn all the hidden spots for gluten - like soy sauce, some brands of tomato sauce, marmite, lots of sweets (hard to find hypo foods!), etc.

So yeh - I'm doing it, but some days I raise my hands and say PFFFFT and just have a wheat bread sandwich lol. I suffer when I do - but that's a good reminder.

Definitely try it yourself! So far I haven't come across anyone who didn't feel better for going without. Even those who thought they felt fine beforehand! My stepfather is the best example - he just went without gluten because Mum had to and he wanted to be supportive, but in the end he turned into a cheerful guy who could think better & sleep better... none of us would have thought he had trouble with gluten!

The biggest thing I've noticed is my mood - I'm a happier chappy without gluten. That's something I've not really seen mentioned but I think it's a biggie!