Friday, 4 April 2008

Need a kitten fix?

I haven't posted much about the kittens lately, apart from sharing the story of the hot sizzling kitty pee - so here's some piccies of the babies:

Sleeping strangely (after running around my room making a big mess, of course).
Waking up when Noodle comes in the room:
The race is on to meet Mum and grab a quick drink. Taco came in last and ends up climbing over Toni... lots of legs and tails everywhere!
It's kinda funny to see them still feeding off their Mum at that age - they're almost as big as she is!

Next week they'll be three months old. And I have to decide whether Pumpkin and Rigatoni go to a new home. I'm kinda addicted to my kitties! Can't really afford to feed them all, and I don't have the time or energy to clean up after them all, but it really is fabulous having 6 balls of fluff in the house (7 if you count the kitten's Dad who seems to have decided he lives here too!).

Still waiting for that winning lotto ticket ;) Then I'll keep all the cats and more... and maybe get them a nanny lol


George said...

OMG! They are sooo cute. That filled my need for a Kitty Fix! thanks.

Minnesota Nice said...

Perfect Kitty Fix!
When I was growing up we had a big fat Siamese who always laid on a kitchen chair with his front legs hanging over. When our beagle dog walked by, he'd take a slow lazy swing at him (never put much effort into it, though)

k2 said...

Those crazy kitties sure r cute!