Saturday, 12 April 2008

M needs... for T1D's to RAISE YOUR VOICE!

It's meme pinching time!

To do this one, type your name and then 'needs' (e.g, I typed: M needs) into google, and share some results with us (it's meant to be 10 but I avoided a few boring ones).

M needs a doctor
Pfft. M is her own doctor. M has no faith in doctors any more. M would actually appreciate it if she never had to see doctors again. Although if he was just my kinda guy... and single... well that might be another story!

M needs surgery
I don't fink sew!

M needs adaptor 0.8m
So I fit better in this world. Ah if only it was so easy.

M needs good home
M has a great home, and she's scared of losing it. What M really needs is a boarder right now, or for it to rain money so she can live happily ever after in her perfect little house with her son & cats...

M needs to gooooo
brb! lol

M needs your help
Aye. she certainly needs help of some kind!

M needs a room
Nah I love my oversized bedroom :)

M needs sex lessons
No no no. Just more practice!

And... On another note... it's interesting to see what people are getting organised for April 14th, Raise Your Voice Day. It's fantastic for T1D to have a little limelight. I'm not sure what to do... but I have been tinkering with the idea of having a family meeting (well, a chat over dinner) and discussing stuff about diabetes. There's a lot I haven't told them, and a lot they haven't asked. So if I can educate just a few family members that's a good start. It might stop my little sister telling people that I can't eat sugar because I'm epileptic. (hah!! btw I CAN eat sugar and it's called diabetes, darlink, not epilepsy... but it is kinda funny).

I have a few copies of the T1 diabetic starter kit (especially the cheat sheet for families & friends) from the Australian site, I'll be carrying these and other printouts with me on Monday (and keeping some in the car those occasions when I need them in future) so hopefully I will help spread the word a little bit :)

Thanks Kerri for giving us a voice!

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Kerri. said...

Thank YOU, M, for being such a great voice!