Friday, 27 June 2008


I get up in the morning to find the dishes done.
He's quiet, he's polite, and he's offering to keep an eye on kiddo if I want to go out.
He's planning to move the rest of the firewood this weekend.
He takes off his shoes at the door and walks quietly
He's glad that we recycle and compost and he wants to help in the garden.
No wacky-backy or alcohol!

I've found the perfect boarder. only took three months! *gasp*

Three months of advertising, living on almost nothing, freaking out at any wastage lest we can't afford the basics next week, stressing over the idea that we'd have to move if no one turned up, meeting some odd potential boarders (and hating turning them down, scared I wouldn't find anyone better).

WOOHOOO! It's over!

I haven't even told him about my diabetes yet - which I really must do, in case something goes stupidly wrong. To date I've never had a big bad hypo, or any hypo that I couldn't control, but I hate to assume it'll always be that way. So, I'll have to spit it out eventually. (If he hasn't already noticed the insulin & glucagon in the fridge!)

I've never had a problem telling people about diabetes (well, those who need to know and are likely to understand). But it was only a few weeks ago that I had another guy lined up to be our boarder. This one was only *slightly* weird compared to the others (and even that was only because he wore a bright and holey hand-knitted jumper and looked like he hadn't combed his hair in a week or so)... so I said yes. He was keen - very keen, he loved the room! I was so relieved that it would all be over.

We sat and discussed dates and all the fiddly little details. We even discussed my diabetes and my son's ADHD... which I had no problem with, but apparently he did. I sent him a txt the next day. He replied that he was no longer interested.

Totally his problem if he has an issue with diabetes or ADHD. I know that. But it didn't stop me feeling a little wound up for a few days.

Speaking of purrrrrfect... check out how much my babies have grown up. 4 months old now! They've grown so much
Taco (look at those eyes!)

Rigatoni (begging for a belly rub)

Pumpkin (loves to steal my hot water bottle as soon as I put it down)

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