Friday, 28 December 2007

A bit of America in little old New Zealand

This picture may not look like anything special to you if you're in America like most of my readers... but to me, these 4 chocolate treats were quite a find!

This stuff is not normally available in New Zealand, but I found these - along with a can of Dr Pepper - in my local dairy (milk bar? Deli? Whatever you call them... it's where you go when you need ciggies, milk and a paper!)

The Dr Pepper was gross - tasted like an overdose of sugar with more sugar added, and a bit of a 'blue lolly' taste (now how's that for a taste description?). I'd expected a vaguely peppery coca cola sort of taste. I thought that was weird enough, but this sugar-on-sugar-on-sugar stuff was just... Blergh! At twice the price of our usual drinks selection, I don't think I'll bother getting that again!

But the chocolates... YUM!

Now I finally know what you're all talking about when you rave about Reeses, and Milk Duds, etc. I only wish I could have tried the Peanut Butter Cups I hear so much about.

Giving thanks to my insulin for allowing me to indulge... and to my BG meter for giving me nice enough numbers afterwards ;) And to America for producing yummy munchies - and to my Mum and Dad for creating me...

And to my Christmas stash of chocolates - kiwi made choccies, I might add - that can keep me company for the next few evenings ;)


George said...

Ah whoppers are a favorite of mine! I am sorry you didn't like that Dr. Pepper. The Diet Dr. Pepper is probably one of the better tasting Diet sodas around. Maybe it was an old one. That can make soda taste bad.

..M.. said...

Could've been - but I suspect I just don't have 'American' tastes in drinks. I still think it's weird that you guys mostly prefer Pepsi, not coke. Over here Pepsi is considered the cheap alternative!
Then again, these days I don't drink fizzys at all, so anything like that would taste too sweet to me now.
I'm a water gal.. who'd have thunk it?