Friday, 30 November 2007

Eh won see

The results are in... my A1c is 6.2 - again.
Not as low as I'd have liked, but darnit, I WILL hit the 5s, or at least a 6.0, SOON. Determination has to mean something, doesn't it?!

Here's what some of my a1c results look like over the last few years - I'm pretty happy hanging around the low 6 area, I guess. But wouldn't a 5 be like a big fat pat on the back for all the hard work I've put into this?

That's 'some' of my a1c results because I had them more often around the time I was diagnosed - Monthly to start with - but my nurse wouldn't / couldn't give me those results when I asked for them. I know there's at least one over 9 in there somewhere from when they were treating me as a type 2... but I'm actually quite happy to forget about that!


Bernard said...

Nice result.

I've been working my backside off this year. I got to 7.0 in July, slide back to 8.2 in October and was tested last week at 7.2.

Sometimes I don't think this is worth the effort.

Cara said...

That number is good. But I am like you, I want a number below 6!!! I hope that you get a better number next time!

Jonah said...

I'd also like to join the 5% club, but without a CGMS, hypo sniffing dog, or low carb diet, avoiding hypoglycemia is a real effort for me.
I hadn't visitted this blog in a month or so, and I'm flattered to note that I'm on your sidebar.

I'm also curious about an earlier post in which you said it takes days for you to see a change from Lantus variability.
When my own insulin sensitivity has done a similiar roller coaster, I've raised my Lantus dose to about 20 units, then as soon as I drop really low, I drop the Lantus dose to 8 or 10 units for a day or two, then about 12 for another few days, then back up to the normal 15. Works like a charm. Maybe you're not dropping it enough?