Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Move into my street!

I was playing around at DrawAHouse.com - I've drawn my house, now come join me and move into Thingy Wotsit Avenue!

Just a bit of fun... the site instructs you to draw a house, then suggests a few things to add, then tells you a little about your personality judged by your picture. Try it out and move in next door to me!


Major Bedhead said...

Dood, how'd you get it all nice and coloured in like that? I had to leave mine because it looked like I was drunk every time I tried to paint it. :D

..M.. said...

THAT is the product of being bored at 2am!! Every time you pick a colour it goes straight to the 'fat' brush, so if you chose a better size before you colour it's heaps easier. Also it really helps that I have a pen mouse (tablet thingy) rather than a normal one :)
I spent FAR too much time on mine!